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Panka Pásztohy

The New Year’s Eve of 1977 brought me to this world  as a late child in a family of artists. My father, János Szabados, is a painter,  my mother,  Klára Weeber  –  a sculptor.

Without much exaggeration I can say that I grew up in their atelier, learning to walk among paint-tubes, canvasses and brushes. And I grew up free, enjoying the immense benefit of a loving and caring environment.

Looking back at my earliest inspirations, I have to mention the unforgettable experience of seeing a funny little horse coming to life from a grey chunk of clay under in mother’s hands, or witnessing my father’s curved lines, jotted on a piece of paper,  turn into a hedgehog.

These deep and vivid memories have driven me, quite naturally, to what I am doing now: living my life embellished with the freedom of creating art.

in 2003 I graduated from the College of Applied Arts in Budapest, at the Animation Department. My daughter was born while I was still a student, which gave me the idea to turn towards children’s drawings.

Since then, my illustrations have appeared on more than 40 children’s books, course books and board games published in France, Poland, Canada and the USA.

To me, drawing for children is like boarding on a time travel back to childhood :  always trying to shape the pictures according to how I used to see the world with a child’s eyes.