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“Aerea Mallow” Women’s Sports Bag 2 in 1

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Women’s sports bag 2 in 1

The perfect size in the gym or in the dance room and perfect size for quick traveling too. Long zip on top for easy packing. Inside there is a wipe clean black nylon lining and the bag includes a Beauty Bag.The two carry handles are comfortable. Its classic style, unique shape make it a must-have accessory in your wardrobe.

 Perfect size for:



Dimensions: 43 X 27 X 12 (height:27 cm, depth: 12cm, width: 43cm)
Material: Polyester (100% PES) Waterproof

Dimensions of Beauty Bag inside: 28 X 18 X 6,5 (height:18 cm, depth: 6,5cm, width: 28cm)

Material: Polyester (100% PES) Waterproof

Product ID: NRA3-B02MA
Design/Graphics: NRA
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Price: 53.80